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Anna Graceman is a young singer-songwriter and pianist whose self-penned songs and music has gained attention home and abroad. Listen to Graceman's Latest release "Heartbreaking Truth" and "Dust"

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 Her mother played classical music to her before she was born and after she was born her mother spent many hours singing, reading and playing music to her. At just a few months old her parents started displaying flashcards for her to read and gain word association. All of this together sparked her love of music and words and her natural confidence in the medium of music and song.

Much of the inspiration from her songs comes from her home in Alaska, as well as from the work of other musicians and her family and friends.“Take Me Where I want To Go” and “Paradise” draw on imagery from hikes and walks in Alaska in the company of family and friends.

She has always loved to sing and at 18 months was singing the melody of complete songs. By the time she was 2 she was happy to sing to large groups, her audiences astonished at her ability at such a young age. At 4 she started learning to play the piano seriously, writing her first song “So I Cried” at 6 years old while still in first grade. Her deep lyrics and early understanding of musical composition has amazed many.

Anna first started uploading her original music to YouTube on April 30, 2008. Her total number of unique views on YouTube surpassed 100 million as of May 1, 2014. As of February 27, 2015, she has 119,846 subscribers and 35,319,836 views on her primary YouTube channel

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...at the age of 9 years old, Graceman made several appearances on
American National Television including The Ellen DeGeneres Show
(October 7, 2009)and performed her song "Paradise".
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As a rule in her house there is no cable T.V. and other entertainment is limited, so when Anna is not playing her piano or singing she spends many hours reading and writing stories. She loves to write mythical stories. She also enjoys swimming or riding her bike in the summer and skiing or sledding in the winter. She is a great down hill skier! She spends many hours practicing her music: singing, playing piano and writing. She currently takes classical piano lessons and is learning how to play the guitar. She loves her Big Baby Taylor!

She has a love of learning, encouraged through the Montessori program and wants to be a singer, song writer and story writer in the future. Her piano teachers, school teachers, school counselors, parents and other family members encourage confidence in her that has and still motivates her success.

She enjoys seeing how much people like her music and is encouraged

by the fact that through her music she has the ability to affect people

in a positive way, but says even if she had no audience,

she would still feel the need to perform “it is also about expressing

what is inside of me. I think that even if no one listened to my music;

I would still do it. It is  something inside of me that I just need to do.”

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In 2013, she performed 43 shows at The Palazzo Theater in
The Venetian Hotel and Resort for eight weeks.
Her performances there brought her critical acclaim.
Anna has now announced the creation of the band as

'Graceman' Their style of music incorporates elements

of folk, soul and rock. Anna Graceman leads the trio.

Their original melodies are accompanied by the

soulful tone of Anna's voice and her piano accompaniment.

Allie Graceman, Anna's sister on rhythm guitar and

Landon Graceman Anna's brother on drums.

Anna is blessed with a rich, warm voice that is

somehow powerful and yet vulnerable at the same time.

Every song is a rare gem.

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"Change is Coming"

"Treble Heart"

"High Places"
"Time Machine"