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*************Nothing scheduled at this time. Keep up with the latest info on our facebook page 'Samuel's on the Square'*************

Michigan band plays Samuel's on the Square...
...lands record deal in Nashville

   Jill Santibanez & Tj Cates just signed The Eddie T Band
to their Music Row record label Nashville Entertainment Weekly Records
with Lead Singer/Drummer Eddie Tabit! "We are looking forward to promoting their Song, 'Bad All By Myself' to radio nationwide! Get ready to request it on all your local country music radio stations!"

   Eddie Tabit drummer and lead vocalist, Rick Dawson on guitar and Jeff Okoneski on bass hail from Davidson Michigan. They booked McCracken Block Ballroom to debut their original music, as we are gaining popularity as an outlet for independent artists, and as the proverbial "back door to Nashville"
... and we all know, in the South, back door guests are best.

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